Deriving robust insights from RWD
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On 28 October 2022, the Plinth team was invited to lead a workshop “Using R to derive robust insights from real-world health care data” at the R/Pharma 2022 conference, a passionate, scientifically and industry-oriented conference focused on the use of R in the development of pharmaceuticals. The keynote talks featured top speakers in the R and pharma world, including Hye Soo Cho (FDA), Max Kuhn (RStudio), Robert Gentleman (Harvard Medical School), Alice Walsh
(Pathos), Catherine Igartua (Tempus), Sam Hume (CDISC), and so many more! As one of Plinth’s core aims for every project that we work on is to build and develop projects that continuously reproduce insights from RWD, the workshop was a perfect fit for us. We had a blast using this workshop to help people better understand the processes that go into data analytics and sciences so as to understand how insights are extracted from RWD.
We’d like to give a huge thank you to Phil Bowsher at RStudio for inviting and guiding us through the workshop as well as Rich Iannone, our special guest and the primary author and maintainer of pointblank!
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