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We work at the intersection of Pharma, Real World Data, and Data Science to help our clients drive innovation and deliver impactful solutions

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at the Heart of Everything We Do

At our core, we blend innovation and expertise to fuel every project, striving to pioneer digital solutions that redefine success.

Accelerating value from RWD

We believe in the power of real-world data. We have lived at both ends of the RWD spectrum, from the health tech start-ups that curate and generate RWD, to large pharmaceutical and biotech companies that use RWD to generate transformative insights.

Code-first solutions built to scale

We believe the only way to simultaneously reduce costs and increase quality is through code-first solutions. That’s why we heavily rely on code-first, open-source

We Have Solutions that
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At our core, we blend innovation and expertise to fuel every project, striving
to pioneer digital solutions that redefine success.


Software engineering services, designed to bring you the custom tools you’ve been aching for.

Cohort Builders
Data Dashboards
ETL Pipelines
Data Science Tooling
Data Harmonization
Data Quality Monitoring
OMOP Data Tooling
HEOR Outcomes Tooling
Synthetic Control Tooling
Federated Client Data Portals
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A revolutionary cohort builder, designed to bridge the gap between data-rich environments and those eager to harness their potential, regardless of technical proficiency.

Attrition Table
Code Generation
Treatment PatternExplorer (ex. Sankey)
Patient Geography (ex. region, state, zip)
Dynamic time to event (ex. Kaplan-Meier)
Patient Timeline
Data Exploration
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Scientific and analytic services, designed to supercharge insights and evidence generation.

SAP Development
Dataset Capability Assessment
Statistical Programming
Results interpretation
Publication Support
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Data Science Advising
Trial Representativeness
Dataset Validation & Evaluation
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Voices of Success from Our Satisfied Clients

Sandy Griffith
Director/Principal Quantitative Scientist

I worked with Plinth to conduct an analysis using real-world data to measure the representativeness of oncology clinical trials. Their deep knowledge of the intricacies of real-world data allowed them to immediately jump into the work without any wasted time. In addition to a thorough and rigorous analysis, Plinth delivered a reusable, scalable R package for us to use in future projects. Plinth went above and beyond, working hard to meet tight deadlines and communicating with us every step of the way. They also served as a thought partner, coming up with creative ideas for future work. Plinth really delivered at the intersection of analytic and technical expertise. I look forward to working with them again in the future!

Bradley Hartmann

We've been working with Plinth Analytics for the last year and a half and they've been a joy to work with. They're smart, they do what they say they're going to do, and most importantly, they're able to really help us identify patterns and insights in the data that we would never have been able to find ourselves. What’s most crucial for our company, we've been able to scale our business by offering unique customized dashboards that we made available for our clients to invest in. Our clients saved money, they've been more efficient and they've been thrilled with the results as have we!

Crystal Watson
Sr. Director, Access and Outcomes

We had a great experience with Plinth! They had great knowledge of the data and were able to “hit-the-ground running”. There was no wasted time (and money) of having them learn the data, or underestimating effort required. Their analyses were delivered on a secure website - making it easy to find. Internal decisions were easy to make due to the visual presentations and the sub-group data to support it. Their knowledge and expertise helped with interpreting the data and understanding key drivers. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Victoria DeVincenzo
MS, MB (ASCP)| Director of Clinical Research

Plinth listened to our needs, helped to scope out our entire RWD study, the plinth team identified gaps while ensuring me that he and his team not only could handle the work, but were so excited to do so! Fast forward a few months later, and the team are doing just that and more! They have demonstrated the highest professionalism and work ethic, while being excellent collaborators. I look forward to continued partnership with Plinth!

John Zielinski
Director of Data Science and Analytics

Plinth was a fantastic thought partner for our team. They dove in deep with stakeholders, quickly understood our data and the core problems we were facing, put together an action plan with a novel solution and then delivered it on time as promised. Our team has already seen savings of >1k hours in manual work. They were communicative along the way, open to feedback, and integrated seamlessly into our technical team. We look forward to working with them again!

Emily Cibelli
PhD | Quantitative Sciences Lead

The tools Plinth built for our team allows us to replace an algorithm written for a single project with a general-purpose solution that can be applied across our whole database. This saves us hours of development and debugging time, and has provided us with an architecture for defining populations and generating reproducible metrics across all of our clinical datasets.

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We work at the intersection of Pharma, Real World Data, and Data Science to help our clients drive innovation and deliver impactful solutions.

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Choosing the right strategic data partner can be tough — trust us, we’ve been there. That’s why, when you choose to work with Plinth, we’re committed to giving you the kind of partnership experience we always wish we’d had. Here’s what that means to us.