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Board of Directors

Lugene Whitley - Executive Director

Thomas Canavan - Chair

Christopher Hoeting - Vice Chair

Denise Goode - Director

Nidhi Gandhi - Director





Max and Miriam Hellman

Beth Ann Gerstein

Justin Fogleman and Katharina Kraske

Christine and Rollence Patugan

Kai Monet

Cinnamon Cooper



Jeffrey Pinder

Jim Jebbia

Josh Emmons

Mark Willoughby

Nicholas Trincia

Robert Davis

Cara and Ryan Breeden

Anna and Jeff Lerner

James Robey

Benjamin McClintock



Barry Meiners and Peter Lefkin

Helen Szablya and Chuck Dann

Janet Peters

Sam and Tadd Samuelson

Nidhi Gandhi

Tobija and Caitlyn Annis



Noel Cunningham and Denise Goode

Lugene Whitley



Christine Burrhus

Christopher Hoeting

Financial Foundations Inc.

Tom Canavan

Juli and Thomas Canavan