Plinth started in 2012 in Washington DC as Museum Force (MF). We were trying to find a solution to funding small and mid-size museums and we sought to create the first and only crowdfunding site specifically for cultural institutions. Our mission is and has always been to support our cultural institutions and there are so many ways for us as a society to do so. After much research and planning, the crowdfunding platforms at the time were providing fairly decent terms for non-profits and the list of crowdfunding sites was always growing. 

We continued to seek other great ways to support museums and cultural institutions and came up with Plinth, a digital magazine (hyper-blog) that featured innovative education programs that weren't always getting out to other museums professionals and communities. We wanted to say, "Hey, look what you can participate in and learn at the museum down the street!" Plinth was born and we had the opportunity to work with some great individuals from around the world to highlight these awesome programs museums were creating. We continued Plinth for two years and during that time we relocated from DC to LA and discovered a new city, with new challenges and new opportunities. LA is magical, filled with thousands of creative people living and working to make the world a better place. Welcoming and inspiring, Plinth had to do more.

When we look back at our lives, how we got here and who helped us along the way, we realized that none of us would be where we were without an introduction to the possibilities the world holds for us. Ah ha! Let's take all of the brilliant and fascinating museums and theaters, dance companies, playhouses, art galleries, and the agencies that support these organizations and bring students to all of them! The Plinth Institute was born. 

Now that Plinth was firmly based in Los Angeles, we felt it was our responsibility to make a greater impact here, to support students ready to embark on their careers and college journeys and introduce them to the career options in the arts. We know not everyone is going to be the artist, musician, actor, but some of us know our passion lies in building the opportunities for those arts to exist. 

Here we are, the Plinth Institute, ready to support our cultural institutions by introducing them to their next generation of leaders.

Students, get ready to lead them!